Tayda Electronics

I’m sure most of you who are already into building effects already know about Tayda Electronics, but if you don’t, you should check them out.

They are based out of Thailand, and seem to be a small company with just a couple of employees (and a dog). They have great prices– ridiculously low on some items– and an ever-expanding selection. They regularly offer coupon codes on their Facebook page.

Shipping can take a while– two to four weeks– if you use the basic, inexpensive option. The express option is reasonably priced. It shaves a couple of weeks off of the delivery time, and is well worth it. I think they pack a bunch of orders in Thailand, express ship them to a US address once a week, and then reship them USPS from there.

The reason for this post is that Tayda blew me away with my last order. It only took 6 days to arrive, even though I chose the cheapest shipping. I wasn’t expecting it until mid-September.

I had a store credit of about $11.25, given to me with a 20% store credit coupon code from my last order. I used that credit, and their 15% off coupon, to place an order that was completely free. 1590A x2, CD4066 x2, DC Jacks x2, trimpots x6, box caps x17.

Check them out!

More Guitar Stuff

I know– I haven’t actually completed a build since starting this site, and I apologize for that. I just haven’t had the time to get my hands dirty, although there is lots of planning going on.

My current projects in development include a tap tempo tremolo (etched 1590TRPC, rotary switches w/ indicator LEDs), a couple of AMZ pickup simulators that I hope will squeeze into a 1590As, and a germanium fuzz in this cool blue hammertone enclosure that was apparently part of my house’s alarm system in 1974.

In the mean time, I have finally managed to hang all of my guitars:

From left to right: 1984 Peavey Fury, 2000s MIM Jazz Bass, Squier Vintage Modified Short Scale Jaguar Bass, 1980s Yamaha Classical, 1990s Fender Mandolin, Ibanez GAX-70, SX Furrian, Agile AL-2000 Wide, Fender DG-22CE Acoustic, Squier Cyclone, 1993 Am. Std. Strat, 2011 MIM Standard Strat. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

I’m running out of wall!

More to come.