Step-and-Swell Enclosure

I’m going to start this site off with a project I’ve been putting together. I call it the Step-and-Swell. I’ll have full details, including a schematic, once I get it all boxed up. For now, here is the enclosure:

I am really starting to like the results I am getting on my enclosures.

I etched this one in a 1:1 mix of 34.15% hydrochloric acid and 10% peroxide, which I made by diluting one part 40% peroxide with 3 parts water. The paint is Testors Enamel, which I apply with small brushes and then bake. I wet sand the the top with 1200 grit, and then polish.

I am still experimenting with polishing. So far I have tried rubbing compound (like on this one), but I think it is too harsh to get a really nice shine. I plan on getting some car polish to try and bring a better shine to the letters. I do really like the way the enamel looks, though.

Anyway, for this design, I was going for an old-timey kind of look, kind of like an old fire alarm. I think it came out pretty nice.

The actual circuit is built and ready to go. It’s basically the audio path similar to the Tremulus Lune, mixed with R.G. Keen’s L.E.R.A.. The L.E.R.A. controls the current to the LED side of a homemade photocell. It works pretty good, but I have some ideas for improvement.

More to come!