Fender Precision Bass Jr.

I just picked this up for Jaime from a local pawn shop. Great price, too.

41 thoughts on “Fender Precision Bass Jr.

  1. Even the slightest chance you’d be willing to sell the P bass Junior? I’d pay you well over whatever you paid for it!
    Email is @gmail.com

  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    Sorry, Jaime would kill me. At 5 feet tall, it is the perfect bass for her.

    I realize now that I scored. It was $177 out the door, including a brand new Fender strap and a really nice gigbag. That is hard to beat.

    Take care,


    • Dan,

      I have a black P-Bass Jr from 2004-2005 in really good condition, that I would sell you for $600, it comes with a hard-case too.



      • Sounds awesome- I would have paid more—- but I already have a red one. Unfortunately, I really wanted a black one!!!!

        Thanks anyway

  3. As of right now, I can’t part with the p-bass. It fits me like a glove, and I still get a big enough bass sound to be happy. Maybe someday, though I suspect never. Who knows? Mike may find me something even cooler.

    In the meantime, anyone want to help me pick the color?!?

  4. Dan,

    Since she won’t sell it, let me ask you this. Have you seen the Fender JB62SS? It is a mini Jazz bass, called the “Smart Size.” Made in Japan, 29.4″ scale. Available in candy apple red, black, 3-tone sunburst, and vintage white.

    It looks like you could get one shipped to the states for around $800 or so.


    Fender JB62SS Smart Size Mini Jazz Bass

    Looks pretty cool.

  5. hi Dan,
    I still have the P-Bass Jr. for sale.
    I can list it on eBay if you’d prefer
    to buy it there. Or, I can send
    you more info and photos.
    Doug ~ 100% Feedback on eBay

  6. Doug, I am looking for a P. Bass Junior. I know that this post from a while ago, but, I figured I give it a shot…Would you still have it?

    • hi Dan,
      Yep, I still have the black P-Bass Jr.
      Its in near mint condition, has an up-grade
      Seymour Duncan ‘Quarter Pounder’ pick-up
      and pro tech set-up/adjustments – superb..!
      I can send photos on request.

    • Dan,
      I didn’t receive any e-mail replies from
      you, tho, you apparently got mine w/ pix.
      I’ll send you a message w/ an alternate
      mailbox addy, stand-by…..

  7. Hey guys,

    I’m thinking about making a pickguard for Jaime’s P Bass Jr.

    Her bass had the original plastic and sticker on the pickguard when she got it. The sticker blocked enough UV to leave a bright white circle once we removed the plastic. Since pickguards don’t seem to be available, I am going to make one.

    I have all the tools and supplies– router and table, bits, MDF, double-sided tape, etc. My plan is to make an exact MDF template based on the mint condition pickguard from Jaime’s bass, and then make pickguards based on that.

    There is a seller on Amazon that sells sheets of brown tortoise material (~$25) that has an actual celluloid layer. I would hopefully be able to get two pickguards out of it.

    If it works out, I will surely post about it here. If anyone wanted one, we could work something out. There are tons of varieties of blank material available.


    • Hey Mike, no worries at all. Could you please remove the message where I have my email written out? Doug had sent me one photo, but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more if you could send them over to me. Thanks!

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