Fender Precision Bass Jr.

I just picked this up for Jaime from a local pawn shop. Great price, too.

41 thoughts on “Fender Precision Bass Jr.

  1. Even the slightest chance you’d be willing to sell the P bass Junior? I’d pay you well over whatever you paid for it!
    Email is @gmail.com

  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    Sorry, Jaime would kill me. At 5 feet tall, it is the perfect bass for her.

    I realize now that I scored. It was $177 out the door, including a brand new Fender strap and a really nice gigbag. That is hard to beat.

    Take care,


    • Dan,

      I have a black P-Bass Jr from 2004-2005 in really good condition, that I would sell you for $600, it comes with a hard-case too.



      • Sounds awesome- I would have paid more—- but I already have a red one. Unfortunately, I really wanted a black one!!!!

        Thanks anyway

  3. As of right now, I can’t part with the p-bass. It fits me like a glove, and I still get a big enough bass sound to be happy. Maybe someday, though I suspect never. Who knows? Mike may find me something even cooler.

    In the meantime, anyone want to help me pick the color?!?