Finished: New Pickguards

I finished the new pickguard for Jaime’s P Bass Jr., and also made one for my Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster.

I’ll post the description after the pictures, which I know is all you want to see anyway… heh!

P Bass Jr, Squier CV 50s Tele, Tortoise Shell Pickguards

P Bass Jr, Squier CV 50s Tele, Celluloid Tortoise Shell Pickguards



This was actually a big project, and it required purchasing some tools. I had to buy two bits for my router, which I bought at a great price from I bought a really nice Delta drill press for $125 that I found on Craigslist. I also picked up a quality countersink bit.

I first made MDF templates of each pickguard using a router/table and a Whiteside 2404A 3/8″ flush trim bit. Then, for the P pickup, I mounted my router/table to my drill press, and used the drill press as a pin router. I used a Whiteside SC09A, which is a 1/8″ solid carbide straight cut bit. The 1/8″ size is what is required to properly route a P pickup cutout.

Once I had the templates made, I again used the pin router setup to route the P pickup cutout. Then, I used the flush trim bit to trim the tortoise material to the template size. After that, I drilled the screw holes through the template. Finally, I added the 45-degree bevel to the pickguard edge.

I still want to do some cleanup, but I am very satisfied with the results.

Anyone need a real celluloid tortoise shell pickguard for their P Bass Jr. or CV 50s Tele?


4 thoughts on “Finished: New Pickguards

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  2. the pickguard came out great! i have a pbass jr as well and my sn# is one number after Jaime’s! Are you still offering tort pickguards for the pbass jr?

  3. Mike,
    Interested in doing any more? I have a homemade P-bass that I need a tort pickguard for. I made a cardboard mockup, but don’t have the tools to really make a good one. Any chance you want to do another?


  4. Hi JR,

    Sorry, no, I just don’t have the time these days.

    That is, unless you want to replace my sewer line and put on a new roof. In that case, I’d gladly make you a pickguard. :P

    Sorry! Have you tried places like WD, PickGuardian, and Terrapin?

    Good luck!


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