New Guitar: Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar

Well, I bought another new guitar. It has been 15 months since I bought one, so I guess I don’t feel <em>that</em> bad about it.

The ordering process was a huge pain in the butt. Musician’s Friend jerked me around and attempted to defraud me by <em>twice</em> sending me used guitars. The third one they sent was brand new– as I ordered. It took over two weeks to get things straightened out. The time I had to spend to get MF to quit being such…ermm… MF-ers… certainly outweighs the $15 credit they gave me (after <em>twice</em> trying to defraud me by send used gear as new).

I still have to change the strings, and work some setup magic to get it exactly how I like it. My plan is to age the pickguard (no fake damage, just natural sunlight-induced yellowing) and swap out the saddles. Anyway, here is a pic, just to prove it happened.

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar

More to come!


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