New Project Bass: 1960s Eko 995

Oh boy, this is going to be interesting.

The story goes that my wife Jaime‘s uncle, as part of his job, is tasked with clearing junk out of the forest preserves in Cook County, Illinois. He stumbled upon a bass, and told Jaime’s cousin about it. Jaime’s cousin asked on Facebook if anyone knew anything about it. I researched it, and shared what I found. Jaime’s cousin said she could have it. Jaime’s brother got the bass from their uncle, and brought it to my mom’s house with my Christmas gifts. My mom brought it to my sister’s house on Christmas, and gave it to my dad. My dad drove it down earlier this week.

And here it is…

Yep, it is disgustingly dirty. Jaime and I will be cleaning it up this weekend, I think. And yeah, it is missing some parts– namely the bridge and a pickup mount. But all told, it is mostly there. The frets are good. The neck looks straight. There isn’t much corrosion, and no rust.

We’ll see how this goes. More to come!

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