Project – Output Buffer

Here is the out buffer I built. It is a standard non-inverting IC buffer.

The enclosure is a Bud CN-6702 from Mouser.  No LED, no bypass, but there is room in the enclosure for both if you decide to build one. Paint is Rustoleum hammered spray. I think it came out pretty good for my first hammered finish.

I am sure this will somehow be labeled as a Klon buffer, but it really isn’t. I did copy the two output resistors, but that is it. The rest is Opamp 101. Instead of the standard TL-072, I used a TLE-2072, which is an “Excalibur Low-Noise High-Speed” version of the TL-072, whatever that means. Any dual will work fine. I used the spare half of the opamp to buffer the bias voltage, and beefed up the power filtering. Other than that, it is pretty standard.

Here are the project files. Included is an ExpressPCB Schematic and PCB file, along with a PDF ready-to-transfer image. IC Buffer – Schematic, PCB, Toner Transfer [ZIP]

Questions? Comments? Criticism? Compliments?

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