Fender Starcaster Pedals are Boss Clones

They’re junk, right? Not quite.

The Fender Starcaster pedals are actually near-clones of Boss pedals. I know because I have personally traced two of them, and built cross-reference guides for anyone wishing to modify their pedals.

I noticed that people have been accessing my cross-reference charts recently. Unfortunately, they are stored in a random spot on my other website. In the interest of consolidating the information I have shared, I am removing them from their original location, and putting them here.

Without further delay:

Cross-reference chart: Fender Starcaster Distortion vs Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

Cross-reference chart: Fender Starcaster Chorus to Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble (Analog)

It is worth noting that these effects are not true bypass. They are, however, setup using this bypass. It is easily upgraded with a standard 3PDT switch, and I highly recommend doing this so as to avoid signal bleed when in bypass.

That is all.